While founding The Hruby Group, we realized that many of the businesses and organizations we work with needed to be connected with our other businesses and organizations. These connections formed the first pillar of our company. After exploring these relationships, we discovered that there was an opportunity to create better business models and processes. With our experience and resources, we aimed to create better business, which formed the second pillar of our company. The final pillar was formed out of the need to communicate. This wasn’t just communicating with our connection, it was helping our connections better communicate with the world around them.

Equipped with these three pillars, we began to help businesses and organizations. We specialize in the following:


New business development


Strategic market planning


Employee preservation


Sales training and development

About the Owner and Founder

Annette Hruby is a natural business leader. With 25 years of professional sales management experience, she brings potential and energy to every client. Having direct responsibility for large corporate marketing departments, her outside-the-box approach has earned the trust of many top business leaders. When working with Annette, you’ll guarantee business security and results.

For more information about how we can help your business or organization: